What are the different methods to reduce friction?


To reduce friction following methods are commonly used:
  • Polishing: If we polish a surface, it becomes smooth and friction is reduced.
    Through polishing, unevenness of the surfaces is reduced.
  • Lubricating: By applying lubricants (like oil) to surfaces, friction is reduced. When we apply lubricant to surfaces, a thin layer of lubricant is formed over there and moving surfaces do not directly rub against each other.
  • Using ball bearings: This way of reducing friction involves the principle that an object is rolled instead of sliding. The use of ball bearing converts sliding friction into rolling friction.
  • Separation of surfaces by air: Another way of reducing friction is to separate the surfaces by air. This is how, a hovercraft works. A hovercraft moves on a layer of air between its hull and the water. The layer of air reduces friction allowing the hovercraft to move easily.
  • Giving a streamlined shape: Boats, cars, planes and rockets are streamlined to reduce friction with water or air.


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