Does 3/4 time signature differ from 6/8?


Actually, in terms of fractions, 3/4 is the same as 6/8. But time signatures are not fractions.
3/4 means each bar has 3 notes of 1/4 each. 6/8 means each bar has 6 notes of 1/8 each. And yes, the difference is in the way you count it: In 3/4 you count 1,2,3 and in 6/8 you count up to 6 and the notes are shorter.
The accents change as well; 6/8 is an even signature while 3/4 is odd; you usually emphasize the first beat of each measure in 3/4 while in 6/8 you could emphasize beats 1-3-5, or just 1 and 4 (which ends up feeling like triplets), or 2-4-6...


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